what to expect

This is a true mountain event so you are exposed to the elements, changing conditions and unstable terrain at any time of year. We will be gear checking EVERY competitor at registration. Be prepared to unpack your bag at the gear check. There may be random gear checks at marshal points along the track.

Do not take any gear out between gear check inspection and the race start. This is for your own safety! 

You MUST carry the following with you in your pack:

•        at least 1.5  litres of fluid (15km & 21km) and 2 litres for 32km competitors

•        survival blanket
•        whistle
•        thermal or woolen hat and gloves
•        thermal long sleeve top and leggings 
•        wind and waterproof jacket – seam sealed stitched.
•        basic first aid kit
(The first aid kit must contain as a minimum : adhesive strapping tape, 4 band aids, 2 gauze pads, a crepe bandage and some panadol)
•        enough food for up to 4 - 6 hours (21km and 32km) and 2-4 hours (15km) 
•        Any medication you will need for while out on the trail eg. Inhaler, antihistamine
There are no aid stations on the course for the 15km and 21km. You must carry what you will need on the course.

Due to the terrain the Mt Oxford Odyssey event requires you to carry all of your own gear. The 15km and 21km events are fully UNSUPPORTED which means there is no water or food on the course. (Our marshalls will all have some jet planes for emergency sugar but other than that you MUST carry all of your own nutrition requirements.) The 32km event has a buffet aid station at the 1/3 mark, and the Marathon has a buffet aid station at the 1/4 and 3/4 marks.    

compulsory gear