With four races to choose from there really is something for everyone at the Mt Oxford Odyssey. The event has a reputation for being super friendly and supportive so pick a race distance and get training! We would love to have you there.   

We need all competitors to be vigilant and ensure that the Oxford Conservation Area remains Didymo free. Please ensure that your shoes have been thoroughly cleaned and dried before using them on race day if you have been anywhere near any Didymo affected areas.​​ 


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race safety

The Mt Oxford Odyssey uses the Oxford Land Search and Rescue team for all safety and marshaling on the day. The crew are on the course at day break (some sleep on the mountain!) and have full radio access to ensure your safety. 

If at any point you are unwell or feel as though you cannot continue the crew will have you well looked after. 

A percentage of your entry fee goes to supporting this wonderful group of people. You also have an option when you enter to personally donate to the team. 

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