hardest marathon in

new zealand

race cut off

compulsory gear

All gear will be checked on the morning of the race between 5:15am - 5:40am.

Once you have had your gear checked you will be moved through to the start area. Please ensure you have everything you need and have left behind any unwanted belongings BEFORE you have your gear checked.  

This is a true mountain event so you are exposed to the elements, changing conditions and unstable terrain at any time of year. We will be gear checking EVERY competitor in the morning. You may be asked to show your gear at marshal points along the track.

You will not be able to take any gear out  of your race bag between gear check inspection and the race start. This is for your own safety.

You MUST carry the following with you in your pack:

•        capacity for at least 2.0  litres of fluid
•        survival blanket
•        whistle
•        thermal or woolen hat and gloves
•        thermal long sleeve top and leggings 
•        wind and waterproof jacket – seam sealed stitched.
•        basic first aid kit
(The first aid kit must contain as a minimum : adhesive strapping tape, 4 band aids, 2 gauze pads, a crepe bandage and some panadol)
•        enough food for up to 8-10 hours
•        Any medication you will need for while out on the trail eg. Inhaler, antihistamine
All Salewa Marathon competitors MUST have a headlamp. The race begins in the dark so you will need a headlamp for the first part of the race. There is the possiblity you will also need it on your final descent of the mountain.
There is the Salewa Aid Station that you pass twice where water will be available but due to the terrain we are not able to provide refills for every competitor’s hydration bags/bottles. You are able to refill at the stream near the aid station (the water is safe to drink).

Due to the nature of this race we have to put in place a cut-off at the Wharfedale Hut. This is to ensure you are not descending Mt Oxford in the dark. The Oxford Search and Rescue team will be enforcing the cut-off and we ask you respect their decision. You will need to be at the Hut (on your second time) by 2pm. This is 8 hours after you start the race, about 30km in, and allows you four hours to climb back up the mountain and descend to the finish line by 6pm. If you are miss the cut-off we will bring you back to the finish area by vehicle. 

prize giving and finishers bbq

what to expect

The marathon course is unable to be accessed by vehicle. You are required to carry everything you may need for your epic odyssey. We have the Salewa Aid Station at the 1/4 and 3/4 mark which will have limited water and flat coke, as well as lots of food (if your stomach can handle it!). More details will be available closer to race day regarding what food will be offered. Your main concern is ensuring you have the capacity for 2litres of fluid and basic nutrition.     

18 years +

age restriction

The Prize Giving will be held at approximately 5:30pm. This year we are offering all marathon supporters and family access to a BBQ from 4pm onwards. The Oxford LIONS are renowned for their tasty food so make sure you hang around and support the final competitors as they finish the race.